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If your property is in close proximity to our routes we would be happy to add your property to the weekly lawn mowing schedule. We have a ton of happy clients and want YOU to be next! You will notice the Wood’s Lawn Maintenance difference and be glad to say, “We have Wood’s Lawn Maintenance care for our property!”  We hope you are ready because the neighbors are going to ask!

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Taking the Stress Out of Hiring a Lawn Care Company

Wood’s Lawn Maintenance will show up at your property  ready to make your yard look amazing! We are clean-cut with an artistic eye to maintain your yard. We take pride in the work we do and are easy to communicate with.

Our Lawn Care Services

We proudly offer our services to our local community.  We are based out of Williamston, MI 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will Weekly Lawn Mowing Cost?

The price will depend on the size of your property. Our rates start at $50 per week for properties up to a 1/4 acre. Our rates increase based on the size and detail of the property. 

How do we calculate cost for service?

We use a combination of satellite imaging software and the county record to determine the size of your property. We also take other factors such as simplicity or complexity of the property to calculate the cost of performing the mowing service.

What are the payment options?

We accept payment by credit card or check. If you are not paying by check, we reccomend credit card on file for secure, easy, convenient payments.

How do we handle billing?

Mowing is billed in advance by the month. Payment is due before service starts.

What is included with weekly mowing service?

Our weekly mowing service includes mowing your lawn, trimming around obstacles, and blowing off clippings from hard surfaces. Concrete surfaces will be edged if requested / may result in additional cost.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed as well! If we happen to miss anything or you are unhappy with service, please let us know right away so we can make necessary adjustments.


What isn't included in the quoted weekly price?

On our first visit to your property, if the lawn is overgrown it can take us 2-3 times longer to mow the grass. This initial cut may cost extra, but after the first 1-2 cuts your price will fall in alignment with the standard fees.

We do not remove downspouts, we trim around them. It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove and/or replace down spots if they desire or to install catch basins for downs spouts to be more easily trimmed around.

Animal Poo……Please pick up your pets’ piles of, well you know. We do not enjoy weed whacking a nice fresh pile of poo or mowing over it to later have to scrape it out from under our mower decks. Please be responsible.

We use our discretion when deciding to double cut a property. If we double cut every property every week , we would literally be mowing non-stop all week. If you over fertilize and over water, we reserve the right to apply additional charges for extra work to maintain the yard properly. (We also try and coach you to maintain the lawn properly before we get to a place of baling the lawn every week.)

We do not move any large objects on a property (i.e. trampolines, playsets).

If you have a special request please ask us before the beginning of our service to ensure no disruptions in service. Other exclusions apply. 

What happens with service when it rains ?

The weather is out of our control. We do our best to keep your lawn mowed on its scheduled day. When it rains during the week we will be behind as many days as the weather has delayed us.

Can I have my yard mowed on the weekend ?

We schedule our lawns on specific days to ensure an efficient route. We mow Monday through Friday, and our make up day is Saturday. Occasionally, we will have to mow on the weekend if it has rained during the week.

Do we offer one time mowing service?

No, we do not offer one time mowing service. We have an 8 mow minimum. This allows us to maintain our premium service specifically for dedicated clients who hire us for the entire mowing season.

We have found that limiting one time services has allowed to us deliver more reliable and higher quality service to our dedicated clients.


Can I request a specific mow height?

We use our best judgement to determine the optimal cut height for a healthy turf environment. You can request a specific height of cut, and if possible, we will do our best to accommodate that request.

Our Residential Service

Area Includes


Are you located nearby?  Please call us!  We still may be able to help.

Maintaining Lasting Relationships, One

Yard at a Time

Our goal is not only to keep your yard maintained but to develop a relationship with you built on trust, honesty, and hard work.  We want you to be proud to say you have Wood’s Lawn Maintenance on your team.  We want to be your lawn care company and earn your business for years to come.